Saturday, September 10, 2011

Am I Doing This Right?

I've been thinking about making a proper post for a while, but here's something in the meantime. Some of you may be familiar with the images to this effect:

Having seen it a few times, I decided try one of my own:

How did I do?

Anyways, a proper post might be forthcoming in the next few days. We'll see.

It's not that I like you or anything,
Travis T


  1. I knoooooowwww that you like me, you can't pretend otherwise! :P Anyway, I like your, but she needs to be in the background with some oblivious fool in the fore. Unless the viewer is that somebody ... Oh my.

  2. Your point is valid and it even occurred to me as I was looking for image. In the end, I didn't care enough to plumb the depths of the internet for the proper image. In any event, I must verify: do you know what a tsundere is? It is very important to the comedy inherent in this post and you are not the type of person I would take for granted to be familiar with the concept.

  3. No I don't, however I don't need to know why it's funny to tell you you're doing it wrong. :P JK, I'm sure it's lots of laffs.