Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm Nocturnal Again

On the upside, my classes are always done before 1 PM so I have an entire afternoon to sleep through.

Recent News!

Let's see... I managed to squeak by in French with a fifty. I have learned my lesson and shall never think about taking another French course for the rest of my university career. My other courses went much better.

This term is shaping up quite well. Most of my courses are interesting; I'm enjoying the one on the Canterbury Tales in particular. The professor teaching both of my English courses is actually quite interesting. The only class that may not keep my interest is my political science course but I have been assured that it is quite easy.

In the leisure department, I recently acquired the Orange Box so I could play Team Fortress 2, which would be far more significant if I were not playing a certain dungeon crawler instead. Odd that I'd buy a bunch of games only to ignore them for a free one.

Also, I got my anime fix on the weekend at CTRL-A. This one really stuck out at me:

It's tough to adequately explain the premise because the show is very nonlinear and I've only seen the first three episodes so far but it involves a train, gangsters, a cult and supernatural powers. But especially a train. We'll be watching it all term but I'm already quite taken with it.

Lastly, Nick pointed me towards a delightful video of Fair to Midland playing in a shipping container.

Darroh's moustache surprised and amused me. Apparently they are actually going to make their way up from Texas to Toronto for April fifth. Good times shall be had by all.

I suppose this report is sufficient for now. Travis, I am still irritated with you.

Phasing back out of existence,
Travis T