Monday, March 30, 2009

Music & Beards

I accidently fell asleep just before lunch and woke up as it was ending this whole weekend. I hope this doesn’t become a habit (though blogging at this time probably isn’t helping).

Much of my waking hours were taken up by Coffee House, a termly talent showcase at rez. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even when Anna Maria and Joe sang her (highly graphic) geek love song in duet. All the music talent floating around here makes me wish I could play that guitar sitting in my closet. Alas, I am a lazy prick with stubby fingers. Or so my excuses go.

In other news, I cleaned up some of the epic beard I’ve been growing. I left a sort of Van Dyke, which may be coming off in a day or two. I enjoy being able to grow enough facial hair to play around with. Shaving’s a bitch though.

That’s about it. What am I doing blogging at this time anyways?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Everyone Was Doing It...

 It seems that a few of my friends have taken up blogging recently. Despite being a great resistor of certain bandwagons, I have now jumped on this one so I might as well enjoy it. I suppose you could now call me a blogger. How quaint.

For a while now I have had something of a passing fascination with my own name. My full name is Travis Timothy Thomson. The most obvious peculiarity is that all my initials are the same, something my parent claim was a complete accident. This lead to the nicknames (I’ve had quite a few) Triple T and T3. While interesting and quirky, these names have little significance to me. More interesting I find is that if you take my first name and (assumedly last) initial you get Travis T. For those of you unaware of the significance, I bring you some wisdom via

trav⋅es⋅ty [trav-uh-stee]
       1. a literary or artistic burlesque of a serious work or subject, characterized by grotesque or              ludicrous incongruity of style, treatment, or subject matter.
       2. a literary or artistic composition so inferior in quality as to be merely a grotesque imitation            of its model.
       3. any grotesque or debased likeness or imitation: a travesty of justice.
   –verb (used with object)
       4. to make a travesty on; turn (a serious work or subject) to ridicule by burlesquing.
       5. to imitate grotesquely or absurdly.

As you can see, I’ve turned myself into a rather delicious pun. It’s something almost worthy of a super villain, fitting in nicely with Bat-villains Harley Quinn and E. Nigma (The Riddler). It has become a point of pride in me, a piece a dark humour that I can claim as a part of me.

And now my blog’s name makes sense. Isn’t that nice?

Since I wasn’t awake for much of the day yesterday and today has barely started, I might as well give you the run down.

I spent too much for someone who is supposed to be a poor university student.

First I went to HMV with some friends. I proceeded to purchase some music, two each from Rage Against The Machine and Rise Against. I like the feel of fresh albums in my hands. We then returned to rez, only to meet some friends and head to the restaurant beside HMV for a nice meal. I then bought some pop and sour skittles at a convenience store before we headed for a tour of the wonderfully trippy psyche building. We returned to rez, again briefly, before checking out some Earth Hour stuff going on in the SLC. There was some neat music and we played Apples to Apples which is always fun. I ended up coming back with a t-shirt from the mocktails booth. Yay for free stuff! We then stopped back in rez for a while before deciding to go to Sobeys for some reason. A bag of chips and Swedish Berries later, I headed back with everybody else. Much of the rest of the evening involved eating candy and playing around with the piano (as opposed to actually playing it). I returned to my room rather late/early to edit a story Travis Brandon and myself are working on, try out my new music and generally visit my regular haunts on the internet.

And then I made a blog. Clearly something went wrong somewhere.