Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Cruellest Month

Was Eliot in university when he wrote the Wasteland? It all makes too much sense.

Exams and final projects are done. I think I did alright. Should pass every thing, I think.

Recent events:

Rise of the Eldrazi is out for Magic the Gathering. I hit the prerelease and it seems to be a delightful set limited. I snagged two of those shiny Eldrazi promos and the FNM Bloodbraid Elf. It was a delightful event, much like all my other prereleases. Actually, much like most Magic events in general.

As I have said before, Pokemon is great. I still need to take out Red but otherwise main game is pretty much done. It has to be the game that I get the most hours per dollar on. Except free games, of course. Pokemon has a special place in my heart. I'm finally getting around to Portal too. It's a neat little piece of work.
EDIT: Red is down. Hello endgame!

As we approach the end of the blog, I'd like to draw attention to MC Frontalot's new release. Zero Day is a fantastic album. It's everything nerdcore should be. He even managed to clean up Better at Rapping so that I don't hate it anymore. Here's a sample:

Your charismatic leader,
Travis T