Friday, June 12, 2009

Too Much Time On My Hands

I finally got around to seeing Bowling for Columbine. It’s rather odd that it took so long considering it’s been sitting around the house for awhile (actually, I bought it as a present for my dad for some occasion or another) and I absolutely loved his work in Roger & Me. Personally I felt more affected by Roger & Me as the slow descent of the town of Flint into poverty is absent of the loud, punctuated climax of gun violence. Regardless, I found the piece to be brimming with the poignant satire & bleak comedy that I love in his work.

Since I’m in a contemplative mood at the moment, I’m going to write a bit of a response to Shane’s post on eugenics. I think it sets a dangerous precedent when a society attempts to put controls on reproduction. While it’s not entirely analogous, restrictions on reproduction in China led to the extermination of female children in favour of sons who would make better labourers & would not cost the family a dowry when the time came to marry her off. The “stupidist” idea is impractical & highly susceptible to corruption if implemented as a legal control. First is the issue of standardization. Who can we trust to form a sound & objective opinion on this matter? What tests could be administered to evaluate one’s fitness as a parent? IQ tests really have no bearing on one’s capabilities as a parent & most good psychological theory is only predicative of behaviour about 30% of the time. This leaves most of our assessment to an after the fact evaluation which renders eugenics completely useless. Another concern is enforcement. Castration? It would be the most effective but it’s probably too severe. Depression & suicide is quite common in current cases so it carries a weight not much less than a death sentence. Procedures such as vasectomies & tube tying would not diminish quality of life in such a dramatic way but these are reversible & in an age where couples shell out exorbitant amounts on fertility treatments both these & fines could prove ineffectual. At best we can offer a system that takes needed finances from a family that already has financial strain in its future. Now it’s not that I disagree with the sentiments expressed about unfit parents but eugenics can in no way act as a substitute for proper education on these matters. Certainly the programs in place are inadequate for the purpose of eradicating issues of poor parenting but I believe that it is the proper direction.

Ahem. That is all I have to say about that. Until I receive some responses that is…


Now I’ll treat you to something a little lighter. I have unexpectedly had the entire week off due to the lack of a job that is ready for us to tackle. As such, I have spent much time lying around playing Disgaea. So to conclude this post I will provide you with a prinny.