Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Before April

Events have occurred. I would like to go in depth but I would also like my title to remain true. Let us see where this takes us, shall we?

At the forefront we have Pokemon. Soul Silver is everything I had hoped it to be. It did a much better job at evoking nostalgia in me than Leaf Green. I probably helps that Gold/Silver/Crystal was my favourite generation. It is a well executed remake.

Second, we have Chaucer. We just finished the Pardoner's Tale, which is the reason I took the course. What's his deal? Is he gay? I s he a eunuch? Is Chaucer pointing to something else? In any case, it is quite an enjoyable piece.

Third is reading week. That was a long time ago. I bought books. I read. I finished Robert J. Sawyer's Flashforward. It is my favourite work by him that I have read thus far.

Fourth comes Genshiken. It is almost within my grasp. I am getting antsy.

Fifth is Magic. Game Day was fun. I got my Hada Freeblade promo and a release party promo Joraga Warcaller that they had left over. They are both highly prized pieces of my collection. Also, Rise of the Eldrazi is shaping up to be an interesting set.

Sixth: Electric Six. I saw them earlier this month. They are delightful fellows.

Delightful indeed.

I shall stop here. Perhaps I will elaborate on these points later.

Who cares about March anyways?

Travis T