Sunday, August 23, 2009

Like My Helm? It Gives Me +5 To Sexterity!

I’ve been meaning to check out the Guild for a while now. I’m glad that my roommate from last semester had the good sense to remind me of it on a weekend where I had so much time to fill and no one around to need the internet. I found the series thoroughly entertaining throughout, though Calan thought the writing took a dive near the end. The nerd in me was enthralled by this piece on the interactions between the players of an MMORPG. The normal person in me was unavailable for comment (I think he fears fanboys). If you are familiar with the workings of an MMORPG, I suggest you check it out here. It’s has Felicia Day in it!

What else have I been doing? Mostly reading comics. I picked Runaways: Dead End Kids (Joss Whedon was writing!) and the first volume of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Both were absolutely stunning though completely dissimilar. I also read all the scans of Ultimate X-men I had on my computer. I must say, the series took me by surprise. It was something I jumped to as a “What’s next?” after devouring what I had of the Ultimates and Ultimate Ironman. I was quite amazed at the depth of the storytelling as it examines the team as both part of a hated and feared minority and as youths developing their own identities. Normally I just look to X-men to provide me with my fill of adamantium claws and the action that comes with them but I was absolutely drawn into each character’s own inner struggles and triumphs. They were even tackling insecurities related to looks and sexuality. It was a thrilling ride and I hope to find more of the series soon so I can sink my teeth into it.

So, umm, I’ve finally posted in August. Yay! Gold star for me!

Handsomely yours,

Travis T.