Monday, February 8, 2010

Stemming The Flow

More on the title later.

First, recent events. A new Magic set has been released! Nick came by and we made it out to the Worldwake prerelease a couple of weeks ago. My record was 2-3-1 and I believe Nick's was similar. No prizes for us! Still Nick opened a Jace, which seems to be the money card of the set, and I made off with a shiny Admonition Angel. Here they are:

CTRL-A had a show this weekend. D-Grayman seems not so bad so far and the Disgaea sampler was everything I expected. The Full Metal Alchemist movie seemed a fitting end on Saturday and Baccano! continues to hold my interest. The yelling game they played during dinner break was also amusing.

And now to our feature. My birthday is tomorrow which brings with it, among other things, all of those Facebook wall posts.

Please do not send me one.

I hate to sound unappreciative but in this case I am. Receiving a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" follow by something along the lines of "Hope it's a good one!" elicits little pleasure in me when I understand that the likeliest reason I am receiving this message is because somebody saw it in their notifications. And even if this is the case, I could at least tolerate it if it were something more involved than the standard birthday rhetoric. There's also something inherently voyeuristic about sending these well-wishes through a means that is viewable to all others; almost as if the writer is compelled to make their own token effort (and it is a token effort) lest he/she be seen as the one who spurned me. I'd personally want no well-wish at all instead of these relatively empty words.

And if you should still like to wish me well? Optimally you should do so in person but I understand your absence if you are not living in Waterloo/are swamped with work. Second best would be to send me something engaging. Ask me how I am doing, even tell how you are doing. Open a dialogue rather than treating me like a receptacle for congratulations and cake. I personally find that one sided treatment of me insulting (though I will still accept the cake).

Anyways, that was my tirade against Facebook birthdays. Nick is coming over this weekend and then I have reading week. I'll see if I can convince my mom to let me stay for a couple more days before going home so I can see him.

Almost twenty-one,

Travis T